Wednesday, December 3, 2008

meet my friend Summer

Hey no pictures?

I have a lot of pics of summer but I really want you to visit her site instead of hanging around here.

I did this shoot a little while ago with my good friend Summer, she is a fashionista and was/is a very talented designer as well. She has worked for all of the top names, and you might even be wearing something she designed right now.

Anyway she is stepping out on her own and started a personal styling business.
Lucky for me she is my friend and will be helping me out. I sure need it.
Although after all the press she is getting lately I might have to be patient and get in line.

Check it out!
I rocked all of the photos on there. She rocked the style.

Her blog is also helpful. And popular.

Ok just one.
Meet Summer

Monday, December 1, 2008

Joe Iurato

Meet my friend Joe

For me he is one of the most talented artists I know in real life. I mean I know there are great artists, but I can eat dinner with Joe. That is when he invites me over which lately with his new baby boy has been a while. I also get to call Joe one of my best friends. I haven't met anyone who can draw with their opposite right hand (he is lefty) using a mouse and just nail the art first try. That's just one of many things, the list is long. His talents are multifaceted. He can do anything beyond well, and when he focuses on it for more than a month, well then its just amazing.
I actually have a really talented group of friends, I am so lucky. Its really one of the driving reasons I made it to where I am now. Having all of them to draw from. I am so lucky.

So last night I had the honor of being invited over for some amazing clams and some shrimp and pasta (he is also a world class chef) and of course some amazing Longboard Syrah.
After dinner we headed into his garage to "make art"
Of course I watched, I cannot "make art"
He has been stenciling for a while but he has had a resurgence now that he as found a lamp for his garage, and his son sleeps nicely now without the need for constant vigil.

Here is "the garage" setup

The tool box
the workbench
the artist at work
the testing wall, and spray can check

close to finished
quality control
trim to fit

SO there you have it. Joe is having a gallery show in Bridgeport Connecticut this friday the 5th.
I highly recommend you come and pick up some art. The pieces are really going to be fantastically awesome. Some pieces of course are just outrageous and I have to have them. I have lots of Joe art all over my house. I am really lucky.
You can be lucky too.

click the banner for the link to Joe's announcement on his blog
Click here for his blog proper

pick up some longboard while your at it

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dawn and Relentless

Hey its been a non stop couple of months with so much to write about and no time.
I will do up this one because its hot.
Last Friday/Saturday for a massive amount of hours and at an unhealthy hour I was shooting a new clothing company catalog. Also did some behind the scenes stuff for the record. Friday ended at 2am and I was one of the lucky ones who got to sleep till 7am ish the next day. I was unlucky though because I then had to stand in 20 degree weather for about 5 hours shooting some climbing stuff for the site.

Check it out, they are planning to launch this black friday so keep your eye locked for it.

Dawn and Relentless

Some of my behind the scene stuff made it to some blogs.
the parent company

and I also made it onto one of my favorite sports/action/fashion/ type shooter
Tim Kemple
check out his stuff, its always good.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amy and Colin

Wow whats is up everyone!
Its been wayyy too long since my last blog.
I have been on an extremely busy pace the last month or so.
We have LOTS to blog about.

First up is Amy and Colin.
They had a perfect day at a really great location.
Davids Country Inn in Hackettstown
they had a rocking reception with almost non stop dancing, it was so hot in there!

Here is the slideshow!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matt and Megan

What can I say.
my camera takes to me to fantastic and awesome locations.
I get to spend time with people in love.
I get to document said love.
I get to meet the people they want to share in the documentation.

Its fabulous.
I am the luckiest.

Click here for the Slideshow!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey everyone!

SO we are heading for Hatteras NC for a super intimate awesome wedding.
I am beyond blessed and humbled that I was chosen.
You can call and email me, just wont be able to see you in person until monday.

I am going to be facebooking a bunch so check it out.

I am cram packed with things to do, I will be taking a meeting on the way down to eventually solidify the entire look here. Some of you have seen and used some of the new features and I am hoping to tie it all together soon.

October is going to be my busiest month.
November is looking to be my quietest (getting some climbing trips in hopefully)
December I have a wedding that is just going to be ridiculous (in a really good way) I cannot wait for that one.

See Ya!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hey everyone, one of my dear friends just started a new blog.
Check it out!
What would Summer wear

Friday, September 5, 2008

Carm and Cat

Hey, well here it is.
I have known Carmine for quite some time. We have gone on some amazing climbing adventures.
Our crew of climbing friends are inseparable, (even if we don't get to climb as much as we want to anymore) We have helped each other in any way possible and will always have each others backs.
Cat, you are an amazing person. Every where we go people just hug you. You almost require it as your form of communication. Whenever I am around you I cannot help but smile. I find the hugging thing awkward sometimes with others, but not with you.

Love you both.

Oh yea

Check out the Slideshow...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fav shot

Hey everyone, I am getting ready to unleash!
I have three jobs I need to blog here.
Check out this kick ass ring shot we did at the last wedding, a 10 dollar staples led flashlight is my new friend. I cant wait to break it out again. I really had it in my bag of tricks for something totally different, a spark of inspiration and viola I went from something lame to dramatic.
Thanks to Cindy for sticking it in the bag, and letting me steal it from her in the first place.

Stay tuned for a completely new look soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

That week flew by

Wow where does the time go?

Cheryl and David, a fantastic event.
I had a really great time doing this one.
My right hand associate (hero) really did an out of the park job. I couldn't have done it without him.

So check out the show!
I am in the middle of changing alot of things around here.
The slidshows are one of them

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey everyone

I am so behind in blogging.
The last wedding was fantastic!
And yet there were challenges, my car died on the way there, then I lost my wallet and my house keys.
SO of course I am dealing with all of that, getting all of my replacement items, some of course easy, some take hours(the dmv), and trying to get my car back on the road.

Its all good, I am just behind. Its not like I wont catch up or things wont happen I just need time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jasper, anytime

Meet Jasper.
He has amazing neck muscles, and fantastic hair.
Both of his parents are really really nice people. I always enjoy any amount of time I get to spend with them. I was lucky enough to get invited over this sunday and was honored that they considered me to capture some moments with little J.

Just a couple while the rest are still cooking in lightroom.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


All I can really say is a very large piece of my puzzle was given to me today.
I am really not good at being inquisitive asking questions and such, I think my quality is making the leap to go and listening. Always at some point the golden nugget appears that i was not even thinking about.
the aha moment.

And then we went downstairs to the wine cellar...

Monday, July 28, 2008

I cannot put into words

Where my head is at right now. I am in my hotel room. I am trying to get my head right for tomorrow. (chocolate, coffee, water) yea the wines have been flowing. I am in a good place. I am beyond words Tuesday is a 12 hour learning day. I need to be focused.
I know where I want to go.
I am so glad i am here

ear to ear grin

Saturday, July 26, 2008

if you really want to stalk me

I dunno why I never posted this before.
Actually its because I just found the time to start using it. I registered early to save my name, but like always just let it sit there. It wasnt until recently when one of my wedding friends added me as a friend, then the wave came on when all my other friends saw me I had to catch up.
So I am using this alot and will be posting about my adventures here also


next week

Hey everybody, I will be in ATL next week until wednesday, meeting a true wedding master.
Denis Reggie. I am beyond psyched. It wouldnt be possible without all of your support. I plan on bringing back some insane knowledge and skillz. Denis is really one of the top wedding photojournalists, maybe the top. I have been following his work for a long time. I will try to post some things during my trip. I have been so lazy lately hopefully a change of place will energize me.

From your end it will look like I am not gone, email and web stuff and phones all work there...
I just wont be able to meet you in person.

Things are changing here and really exciting things right around the corner.

See Ya!

Amy and Colin breakin the ice

I always forget that I can put the slideshows right in my blog here, I am kinda lazy and its a whopping three extra steps...
Amy and Colin, I love that we walked right in and just started. And you trusted me to pick a decent spot. I never shot there,and its really 5 mins from my house, but scoped it out the day before. Its has a lot of really nice nooks to get some really great looks dont ya think?

Looking forward to your super special day in October!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

new addition to the world


Loved meeting this clan. Really super fun people and I felt instantly like I was supposed to be there, and welcomed beyond expectation. Meeting people like this, how could I not love this "job"

A great family and lil' Connor has a fun future with awesome parents.


the shadow

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hill country BBQ

Just got back form the Launch party of Hill Country BBQ in the city. They are now doing all kinds of catering for parties and events, on and off location.
A great idea for the more casual wedding and really fun events
Check It

the PB&J cupcakes are beyond fantastic. Out of control good.
Of course we got to try every single rib/meat/salad.
Everything top notch.

Thanks to the wedding salon
and 4pm events for putting it together and inviting me!

See Ya

Cheryl and David anytime

Cheryl and David's trip through the arboretum.
It was great finally meeting you Dave and getting to know each other. I cant wait for your wedding, your fun easy going people. With great smiles and great looks to boot!
A great spot

click here

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Inlaws Pets

Who knew that when I married into this family, my wifes parents would become a pet rescue haven. I certainly didnt. They had owned many animals before but never were really into the whole indoor pet full time thing, and now the pets they have are really not pets but more like little children. Completely spoiled (but well behaved) Treated like royalty.

Meet Kiki: The previous owner abused poor kiki. The usual physical type stuff, throwing, flyswatters, etc. Nowadays Kiki is the princess of the hill. Number one to her mommy, Kiki is the most spoiled. But the most loving. She loves kisses.

Chances are if you spend ten minutes with Kiki this is what you will be seeing.

Meet Skippy: The most rescued of the three. A junkyard dog(literally) A little blind, a little deaf, was almost poisoned to death from antifreeze at the yard. On his last leg but of course now living a mega cush life. He gets lotsa love. I must say since I have known Skip, this last time I saw him he was actually jumping around and playing for the first time. He was nipping me and doing the doggy lunges at me. Totally psyched to see that. Lucky dog.

Meet Thomas: What? a cat!? The last people I would have seen with a cat, and an indoor cat? C'mon. It seems like down south once you are not a puppy or a kitten its see ya later pally. Almost starved to death and flea riddled when the rents decided enough of him hanging around the yard and took him inside for good. It appears like Tom is really a rare breed of Tabby cat with all the right colors and no flaws, well maybe one black whisker.

Nowadays if you spend any time around Tom this is what he enjoys doing most. Saved from the trials and tribulations of hunting for food he no longer has any worries at all. Probably the most well mannered cat I have ever met. He lets you do whatever to him. A hint of tail flick and then back to sleep.

Ok I guess those are my cousins? Or something
Had a great relaxing weekend. Some fireworks shots later on this week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hey everyone, I am making the annual trek upstate to the Catskills. Cindy's parents have a house up there and we always spend the 4th of July weekend there. Well when we are not working anyways. We have not missed too many in the 14 or so years we have together.

Anyway Internet is non existent and Cell service is in one spot on top of the neighbors hill.
I will be trekking up there twice a day to check my phone messages, so if you need something. anything call me instead of email.
If the weather holds out any hope I will be making a trip or two to the Gunks for some sweaty hot climbing.


Have a great weekend. I will be back monday!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wine Train!

This weekends adventure was the Warren County Wine train
If your into great white wines I suggest taking this short but nice trip.
The train ride starts in Phillipsburg NJ and heads for about 20-30 mins then stops, a short bus ride and your at Alba winery. The train is basic, no a/c or heat so dress accordingly.
The winery is casual and the wines are all really really good. Under priced I might even say.
The home runs are their Rieslings and their dessert wines. Although only maybe one of the dozen we sampled were not to my liking.

The train ride is also worth looking into if you have kids, they run a bunch of winter runs all Disney inspected. The Polar express. I heard it was really popular. Check it out!

Steam engine, made in China

Below our tour guide, its run by all volunteers, the mechanic is the only one paid.

Tickets Please!

Alba winery tour, "these are grapes"

Lots of grapes

Cindy trying to look like she cares, its ok I know you were sick. And wine is not really her thing

Me on the other hand... "how many can we fit on the bus?"

The friend/photographer /wine enthusiast we went with.
Honestly we both tried to sit down and chat with our wives. Lasted all of maybe two seconds

When you get back to town its right after lunch, there are a couple really nice cafe's right there. Check them out. We ate at cafe verde. Good food. BYOB

The End.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A couple from last weekend

Hey everybody just a couple from a recent pool party
Carpe Diem!

Emo baby just really needs some food

See !

I see you looking Pam, no worries I have a disk for ya, and I am planning on making my triumphant return to the climbing gym on Tuesday!

For you photogs looking these were processed using the new totally rad actions
TRA2 the revenge
wish you were here!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

this wekend

I shot some video for another photographer. He is in the works of totally revamping his website. Actually his entire life. He is moving from here to Atlanta. He is about to make a big splash in that area for sure.
Anyway John it was a blast following you around all day and now that your leaving the area I am going to be using your signature shot (j/k)
I hope I caught enough of you in action to make it work. I am certainly not a vid master.

So the reception was at the Salt Creek Grill I didnt see Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen but probably drove past his house on the way there, although following a local you really dont get to slow down to see the sights.
I had the Salmon (which I would never do at a reception) but when in a place where seafood is what they specialize in you almost have to get it. It was fantastic, especially for a reception. I would definitely check them out if your into good food as a detail in your event. I actually got to eat with the guests. Top notch place

Friday, June 6, 2008


A select few of my very favs from the super fantastic wedding in Lancaster!
The wedding was at a large family estate so of course details were a plenty.

above getting ready, she just meditated and let the girls work the magic

below the ring bearer getting ready

Old chair like from a castle

comfy (but still elegant) shoes are a must when motoring around a huge estate

C'mon a covered bridge?

ring bearer in action

right as the ceremony was in full swing the neighbors drove by

could be one of my favoritist
or the one below...

Dan and Danielle I feel so blessed that I was there to be a part of capturing the really special day you had. Everything was awesome and it was fun, the best part about having a wedding at your own place is the ability to just be flexible with the times.
loved it

Check out the slideshow!