Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dawn and Relentless

Hey its been a non stop couple of months with so much to write about and no time.
I will do up this one because its hot.
Last Friday/Saturday for a massive amount of hours and at an unhealthy hour I was shooting a new clothing company catalog. Also did some behind the scenes stuff for the record. Friday ended at 2am and I was one of the lucky ones who got to sleep till 7am ish the next day. I was unlucky though because I then had to stand in 20 degree weather for about 5 hours shooting some climbing stuff for the site.

Check it out, they are planning to launch this black friday so keep your eye locked for it.

Dawn and Relentless

Some of my behind the scene stuff made it to some blogs.
the parent company

and I also made it onto one of my favorite sports/action/fashion/ type shooter
Tim Kemple
check out his stuff, its always good.

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