Monday, December 1, 2008

Joe Iurato

Meet my friend Joe

For me he is one of the most talented artists I know in real life. I mean I know there are great artists, but I can eat dinner with Joe. That is when he invites me over which lately with his new baby boy has been a while. I also get to call Joe one of my best friends. I haven't met anyone who can draw with their opposite right hand (he is lefty) using a mouse and just nail the art first try. That's just one of many things, the list is long. His talents are multifaceted. He can do anything beyond well, and when he focuses on it for more than a month, well then its just amazing.
I actually have a really talented group of friends, I am so lucky. Its really one of the driving reasons I made it to where I am now. Having all of them to draw from. I am so lucky.

So last night I had the honor of being invited over for some amazing clams and some shrimp and pasta (he is also a world class chef) and of course some amazing Longboard Syrah.
After dinner we headed into his garage to "make art"
Of course I watched, I cannot "make art"
He has been stenciling for a while but he has had a resurgence now that he as found a lamp for his garage, and his son sleeps nicely now without the need for constant vigil.

Here is "the garage" setup

The tool box
the workbench
the artist at work
the testing wall, and spray can check

close to finished
quality control
trim to fit

SO there you have it. Joe is having a gallery show in Bridgeport Connecticut this friday the 5th.
I highly recommend you come and pick up some art. The pieces are really going to be fantastically awesome. Some pieces of course are just outrageous and I have to have them. I have lots of Joe art all over my house. I am really lucky.
You can be lucky too.

click the banner for the link to Joe's announcement on his blog
Click here for his blog proper

pick up some longboard while your at it

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