Monday, December 31, 2007


I just never have enough time, maybe that will be a new years resolution. Make more time!
latest wedding was absolutely stunning. The weather was perfect. Locations, perfect.
I just (and i mean just) got finished downloading all the cards. I ran through and picked out just a few of the ones that I liked.
Here we go!
See ya next year(wacka wacka)

Sunday, December 23, 2007


4th of July weekend just opened back up again for me.
I know I know its my wife's favorite, actually, only holiday she truly recognizes.
She doesn't like that it is a popular weekend for weddings.

I must be crazy but I went shopping today, it wasn't that nuts out there.
Luckily I only went for for item. I love the internet and have been shopping online for a long time.
But the last couple years I have been just lagging behind and having to run out at the last minute because I just cant get in the shopping mode.

Happy holidays everyone!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

You are not this hip

You don't have this much fun losing

you are not this cute

Its Ok you've got time to work on it

Saturday, December 8, 2007

holiday rush

Its a rush around this time of year no matter what I am involved in. The weather is perfect for really hard climbing, so trying to get out as much as possible but also trying to cram as much work in as possible, and then trying to be creative in my gift giving. Parties. Ahh its crazy.
Just never enough hours in the day, and or hours in my body to stay awake.

Any way a couple sneak pics of a recent mitzvah, it was not my job so I can only post a couple.

needless to say this is how the party started, off the chain
who knew being a party photographer was dangerous
luckily someone actually warned me ahead of time

Mass chaos free for all at the candy table, me and the guy next to me had to hold the table from falling over onto us.

Mitzvahs are fun but sometimes way stressful if the kids are outta control, luckily these kids were really great.