Monday, August 20, 2007


Yep, I am raising my prices.
At my current rate I was really making almost zero.
I have two really awesome weddings booked right now that should really fill out the portfolio I am building. Not to mention my competition was yelling at me for undercutting. ( A huge compliment)
The last couple I met with also verified my feelings. It just happened sooner that I thought.
I love shooting weddings, but I also have to run a business.

Anyone who signed a contract, you got a deal.
Anyone I have on the fence, I will honor what I quoted.

New prices go in effect on September 8th.

Thanks to everyone helping me getting to this point.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Another article about my friend Joe peppered with some of my photos.
(scroll down for the english translation)


A lot of people lately have been asking me about where I get my pictures printed, and where I get those picture books.
Nowadays I get them done at places you need a business name to use but even still I use this lab.
They are owned by a long time pro lab called Millers.
I guess the only real difference between this lab and their pro lab is that someone is not looking over your output with as fine a tooth comb as would be from the pro lab. But its really the same stuff. And its really the best quality, consistent. I have been using them since they announced they were opening the Mpix division.
They have all the neat stuff, metallic prints, photo books. Its all very top notch but at really great prices and you have no idea how fast they are. Sometimes I order on the weekends and it comes on tuesday.
Their customer service is great. I've gotten one bad photo(had a defect) they sent a replacement instantly no questions, apologized etc.
Make sure you check their blog too

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fair Time

A shot from the Margaretville, NY fair July 7th.
Unfortunately I didn't have my new lens toy at the time so I had to settle for a slightly tighter crop.
I love shooting things, just all kinds of stuff but right now I so don't have the time. Years and years ago I had all the time but seriously lacking in skills and equipment. I shot alot and I have to say it advanced my real life skill level immensely, of course before the internet was as huge as it is now instead of googleing an answer, you went out and found the answer. In real time.
I would love to make a book someday of just cool photos of stuff I have seen.

So anyway this town fair brings out alotta folk. Aint much else to do so they come from all around.
My wife Cindy spent all of her summers here in the Catskills and I too have grown fond of the area, I couldn't live there but I enjoy going there often.

click here for large view

Sunday, August 5, 2007

New lens!

So lucky to have any water running at all in august. Usually just a drip at best, no moving water at all is the norm. Global warming?
anyway even when its been so hot for so long this is the coldest stream I have ever stood in. My legs go numb in a minute or two. Always cold.
Barkaboom falls, I believe in Andes NY.

The new lens rocks, and laughs at all other lenses before it.
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Friday, August 3, 2007

New Lens

I love getting new stuff, and so far I am beating my goals I set out to do for '07 and its still only august.
SO I get to play with a new gadget this weekend as I head off for the catskills.
New pics Monday