Sunday, June 15, 2008

this wekend

I shot some video for another photographer. He is in the works of totally revamping his website. Actually his entire life. He is moving from here to Atlanta. He is about to make a big splash in that area for sure.
Anyway John it was a blast following you around all day and now that your leaving the area I am going to be using your signature shot (j/k)
I hope I caught enough of you in action to make it work. I am certainly not a vid master.

So the reception was at the Salt Creek Grill I didnt see Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen but probably drove past his house on the way there, although following a local you really dont get to slow down to see the sights.
I had the Salmon (which I would never do at a reception) but when in a place where seafood is what they specialize in you almost have to get it. It was fantastic, especially for a reception. I would definitely check them out if your into good food as a detail in your event. I actually got to eat with the guests. Top notch place


Pamela said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave! But I'm wondering now...why shouldn't I get salmon at a reception? I just had it on Saturday night and now I'm worried! :)

Dave Toth said...

Usually at most receptions the food is just kinda average at best. Mass prepared with no care. Not that it will hurt you its just not good at all. As with most anything, its hard to find a place were all the elements are top notch, usually most places have one great thing. A view, the food, the building. Unless of course your willing to pay. This place it was all about the food/wine.