Monday, July 7, 2008

My Inlaws Pets

Who knew that when I married into this family, my wifes parents would become a pet rescue haven. I certainly didnt. They had owned many animals before but never were really into the whole indoor pet full time thing, and now the pets they have are really not pets but more like little children. Completely spoiled (but well behaved) Treated like royalty.

Meet Kiki: The previous owner abused poor kiki. The usual physical type stuff, throwing, flyswatters, etc. Nowadays Kiki is the princess of the hill. Number one to her mommy, Kiki is the most spoiled. But the most loving. She loves kisses.

Chances are if you spend ten minutes with Kiki this is what you will be seeing.

Meet Skippy: The most rescued of the three. A junkyard dog(literally) A little blind, a little deaf, was almost poisoned to death from antifreeze at the yard. On his last leg but of course now living a mega cush life. He gets lotsa love. I must say since I have known Skip, this last time I saw him he was actually jumping around and playing for the first time. He was nipping me and doing the doggy lunges at me. Totally psyched to see that. Lucky dog.

Meet Thomas: What? a cat!? The last people I would have seen with a cat, and an indoor cat? C'mon. It seems like down south once you are not a puppy or a kitten its see ya later pally. Almost starved to death and flea riddled when the rents decided enough of him hanging around the yard and took him inside for good. It appears like Tom is really a rare breed of Tabby cat with all the right colors and no flaws, well maybe one black whisker.

Nowadays if you spend any time around Tom this is what he enjoys doing most. Saved from the trials and tribulations of hunting for food he no longer has any worries at all. Probably the most well mannered cat I have ever met. He lets you do whatever to him. A hint of tail flick and then back to sleep.

Ok I guess those are my cousins? Or something
Had a great relaxing weekend. Some fireworks shots later on this week.


Pamela said...

Great little journals for each of the little guys, Dave. I'm warming to the idea of a pet...eventually.

Dave Toth said...

My theory on the age to get a pet still stands, when CJ is around 5 or 7 this way when they go(the pet), it wont be life changing tragic for them. Although tragedy isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Karin said...

There really is something about orange kitties!! I have NEVER meet one with a mean bone in their body!! Love me grey ball of fur, but my next cat(s) will be ORANGE!!