Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wine Train!

This weekends adventure was the Warren County Wine train
If your into great white wines I suggest taking this short but nice trip.
The train ride starts in Phillipsburg NJ and heads for about 20-30 mins then stops, a short bus ride and your at Alba winery. The train is basic, no a/c or heat so dress accordingly.
The winery is casual and the wines are all really really good. Under priced I might even say.
The home runs are their Rieslings and their dessert wines. Although only maybe one of the dozen we sampled were not to my liking.

The train ride is also worth looking into if you have kids, they run a bunch of winter runs all Disney inspected. The Polar express. I heard it was really popular. Check it out!

Steam engine, made in China

Below our tour guide, its run by all volunteers, the mechanic is the only one paid.

Tickets Please!

Alba winery tour, "these are grapes"

Lots of grapes

Cindy trying to look like she cares, its ok I know you were sick. And wine is not really her thing

Me on the other hand... "how many can we fit on the bus?"

The friend/photographer /wine enthusiast we went with.
Honestly we both tried to sit down and chat with our wives. Lasted all of maybe two seconds

When you get back to town its right after lunch, there are a couple really nice cafe's right there. Check them out. We ate at cafe verde. Good food. BYOB

The End.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A couple from last weekend

Hey everybody just a couple from a recent pool party
Carpe Diem!

Emo baby just really needs some food

See !

I see you looking Pam, no worries I have a disk for ya, and I am planning on making my triumphant return to the climbing gym on Tuesday!

For you photogs looking these were processed using the new totally rad actions
TRA2 the revenge
wish you were here!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

this wekend

I shot some video for another photographer. He is in the works of totally revamping his website. Actually his entire life. He is moving from here to Atlanta. He is about to make a big splash in that area for sure.
Anyway John it was a blast following you around all day and now that your leaving the area I am going to be using your signature shot (j/k)
I hope I caught enough of you in action to make it work. I am certainly not a vid master.

So the reception was at the Salt Creek Grill I didnt see Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen but probably drove past his house on the way there, although following a local you really dont get to slow down to see the sights.
I had the Salmon (which I would never do at a reception) but when in a place where seafood is what they specialize in you almost have to get it. It was fantastic, especially for a reception. I would definitely check them out if your into good food as a detail in your event. I actually got to eat with the guests. Top notch place

Friday, June 6, 2008


A select few of my very favs from the super fantastic wedding in Lancaster!
The wedding was at a large family estate so of course details were a plenty.

above getting ready, she just meditated and let the girls work the magic

below the ring bearer getting ready

Old chair like from a castle

comfy (but still elegant) shoes are a must when motoring around a huge estate

C'mon a covered bridge?

ring bearer in action

right as the ceremony was in full swing the neighbors drove by

could be one of my favoritist
or the one below...

Dan and Danielle I feel so blessed that I was there to be a part of capturing the really special day you had. Everything was awesome and it was fun, the best part about having a wedding at your own place is the ability to just be flexible with the times.
loved it

Check out the slideshow!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I edit better

How great is my "job" when I get to bring home probably one of the greatest wedding gifts ever.
Beer! Not just any beer but a home brew. Not just any old home brew but a dam good one at that. That editing sesh was a breeze, flew through a bunch of pics I am posting tommorow
SO the only thing I am now is sad because it is all gone...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

next time life isnt going your way

Just imagine that you are blessed and very fortunate if you are reading this.