Saturday, March 29, 2008

Climbing Comp

Comps are fun to watch and photograph.
Lots of action, spills and this comp is always the best.
Big show
Big problems
These are just the qualifiers, but I find I can get the best pics during these because its usually not crowded. I get to move around and get a good angle.

Hmm all but one are girls. It appeared this year the girls had the best problems to photograph. Not to mention I showed up right in the middle of all the ladies qualifiers. Its too bad there is no career type money to be made. I do it for the publicity and keeping my name out there. And of course the sport is something near to my heart. So I give back to it. Well I cant say there isnt career type money, but I would rather sleep in a bed than in a tent or on a couch, or on a mountain. Basically you have to dedicate most of your life to be able to make decent coin.

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