Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am so behind, I have this low level cold that is just waiting for me to make a mistake. The holidays were busy for me. I finally got these pictures done! It was alot to go through, most ever for me.

This wedding was awesome, the time of year, the locations, the people in it.
The location: The Park Savoy really really nice
florist: the garden shop, montclair
the dress: Kleinfields designer: Justina McCaffrey
Stylist: Tania Fuse Salon- Randolph, NJ
Time machine for the band/dj of course they are great
the video company was great and I highly recommend them, they were saving me all day, i was really tired and they kept me in the game all day. Creative Unlimited

Ok check out the Slideshow!!

See Ya!
Stay tuned for more


gabriel ryan said...

rad slide show. your details rock. is "church st" an east coast thing? i've only made it out east once, and spent some time in burlington vermont... i remember they had a church street and it looked identical to the one in this wedding.

Dave Toth said...

I don't think its an east coast thing but I do think streets like it around here are a yuppie type thing. 10 mins from NYC.
Its a great street. If you can find a place to park. Over the past 5 years or so some great and not so great shops have come and gone.