Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yep its 2008.
I guess I should post up some resolutions here to make it official like.
Some of you know what type of person I am so if you do you know I am not a "resolution" type guy, for the most part I just put my head down and get at what needs to be done. In certain areas of my life though I am very complacent, lots of unfinished home projects and stuff.

SO I suppose I should start with that.
1. Try to be less complacent, and actually finish projects I start.

2. Be less pessimistic in my personality, it serves me well but sometimes people think I am depressed when in reality I am very very happy.

3. Less web surfing and more of resolution #1. Its easy to get off what I went to the computer to search for and end up on some climbing site or shopping for nothing, checking email....
whoa! three hours have passed?!

4. Take this business to the next level.

5. Figure out why I cant remember peoples names at all, need to work on that.

6. Oh yea, the goof resolution. Learn French

Here is to dreaming big in 2008!
See Ya

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