Saturday, November 17, 2007

wedding trends

Hey everyone, hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday season.
While most wedding photogs are done I still have two more events before the end of the year.
Well , for me I could say its the beginning. Or the middle, or something like that.
So any way I see some new trends since I have officially returned.
Some say engagement sessions, but I remember doing them from way back, and learning from some masters, so thats not new. Whats new is its made its way into the average wedding.
Digital makes it very easy to take lots of pictures
For me and for most I now consider an E sesh a must do. So many benefits. Ask me why.

Trash the dress. Haven't done one yet. Kind of a specialty type thing.

But the trend I am most interested in is the day after. A day after session, consider this, you have scheduled no time for a real thorough sesh for the bride and groom. Or its bad weather, or something happened, or the location was so so.
The day after, why not? You still have all the clothes out, most likely your way more relaxed. Less time constraints. Freedom to move around.

Want to do this?
Let me know, I will offering some as a trail basis to see how it works and how I can work it into my schedule.
Keep it in mind if something goes awry, it is an option.


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