Sunday, August 19, 2007


A lot of people lately have been asking me about where I get my pictures printed, and where I get those picture books.
Nowadays I get them done at places you need a business name to use but even still I use this lab.
They are owned by a long time pro lab called Millers.
I guess the only real difference between this lab and their pro lab is that someone is not looking over your output with as fine a tooth comb as would be from the pro lab. But its really the same stuff. And its really the best quality, consistent. I have been using them since they announced they were opening the Mpix division.
They have all the neat stuff, metallic prints, photo books. Its all very top notch but at really great prices and you have no idea how fast they are. Sometimes I order on the weekends and it comes on tuesday.
Their customer service is great. I've gotten one bad photo(had a defect) they sent a replacement instantly no questions, apologized etc.
Make sure you check their blog too

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