Monday, August 13, 2007

Fair Time

A shot from the Margaretville, NY fair July 7th.
Unfortunately I didn't have my new lens toy at the time so I had to settle for a slightly tighter crop.
I love shooting things, just all kinds of stuff but right now I so don't have the time. Years and years ago I had all the time but seriously lacking in skills and equipment. I shot alot and I have to say it advanced my real life skill level immensely, of course before the internet was as huge as it is now instead of googleing an answer, you went out and found the answer. In real time.
I would love to make a book someday of just cool photos of stuff I have seen.

So anyway this town fair brings out alotta folk. Aint much else to do so they come from all around.
My wife Cindy spent all of her summers here in the Catskills and I too have grown fond of the area, I couldn't live there but I enjoy going there often.

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