Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am back from my trip!
West Virginia is such a beautiful place. We climbed at the New river gorge. A huge gorge carved out by an ancient river (known more for its white water) but also a world class climbing destination, with a lifetime of routes.
The internet was non existent at the hotel but I manged to steal some time at breakfast at the local cafe, so I did manage to check my email and take care of that. Its hard to hold back nine other climbers when all they want to do is go climbing, not sit around and surf the web all day.

On the last day the weather was iffy so we went out bouldering(short but powerful ) instead of big routes. The pads underneath me catch my fall, rather than a rope. The guy behind me spots me and guides me onto the pad should i miss or fall out of control.
Here is a pic my friend Joe took of me.

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