Thursday, September 20, 2007

Its funny

How sometimes I go a week or two caught up with almost everything. When I say things I mean things for you all, I still have yet to paint my house...

But then the week I am swamped with work, everyone places album orders, I am working on a wedding and some toddler portraits, and of course its the week I am getting new software. So I have to learn that also. Just not enough hours in a week. Anyway I got to meet some idols (for me) they are rolling out a really awesome studio management program and I got to jump on it early, its going to make life much easier for me. And of course if I have more time you get more time!
I probably wont take it live for a couple weeks so stay tuned for the unveiling.

Ok so anyone waiting for me to finish stuff just know I am behind so I apologize but I should be close to caught up this weekend...

maybe I will hire someone to paint :)

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