Sunday, July 29, 2007


I met with a wedding couple today, they asked me what my philosophy was. I had to quickly dig for a response. I mean I had an answer but was it the right answer. I guess I should start at the beginning. I stopped this dream a few years back. Honestly I was not that good, I had a really thick skull and I had the attitude that my way was the way. Since that time I have met some really talented people and got tons of help and vision from industry leaders and friends who are some of the best artists I have ever met. Now I know where I want to go, I just really haven't thought about how to explain it to people. So here is my "philosophy" I want to be the best photographer I can be. I have a massive technical base of knowledge being a camera tech for many years there is not much that scares me, I have a really solid classic portraiture style but that does not really satisfy my heart. I want to capture emotion. Hugs, tears, laughter, love. Every assignment i take I want to create something timeless, so that when they open their album decades later they still go wow. Or when they pull out that portrait it still holds weight, its not hokey. On the business end I don't want to be swamped. I want to be able to give my customers the time and attention they deserve so I can get a real feel for what they want. Sure I have been taking pictures for many many years but I feel like I am really just starting over but this time with the right tools and a deep commitment to really doing it right every step of the way.

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