Sunday, April 15, 2007

this weekend

Had fun climbing and trying out my new camera
Canon G7
I am really psyched because now I am set up with three really great cameras. Which makes two backups for me and then any second shooters I bring to jobs just adds to my redundancy.
If you think a P&S is not a viable back up, my favorite shot (see my second post) was taken as a 2mb jpeg and not only that but I completely blew the exposure. I now have sitting right next to me a 30x40 image printed on velvet that is absolutely stunning. You would be shocked if you saw the original file. I was. Back in the film days I would have cried when i saw how poor of a mistake I made. Hail digital and photoshop, both tools that have gotten me back into this game making my job that much easier and unleashing my true artistic talent which is in photoshop.
In the film era everyones work for the most part looked kinda similar I mean it was all film and pushing the artistic envelope was limited by how far you could manipulate film. Nowadays the only limitations are your imagination. Dont get me wrong it takes skill and art to create on film, but now you can further seperate your self from others by your editing skills.

here is my friend Aron on a difficult problem in the Gunks

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