Friday, January 26, 2007

Website finally online!

Well well well, finally.
the site!!!

SO stay tuned for some sort of "grand opening" with specials and discounts and hoopla!

My first "new" wedding album design.
I havent made a wedding album in ahh lets see 9 years? Lots of things have changed, the market is flooded with choices, albums, software to make them, how to present them. It was simpler 10 years ago, print the picture, buy the album, mount the picture. Not too fancy.
BUT I really like the choices today they are way more posh, and look I can now upload a preview (click here) and wow before I had to "visualize" to the bride what it would look like in the final design. Now how do you not love this (one more chance to click)

Constant learning

See Ya

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